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Pendulum Drift

Genre: Drama
Length: 105 mins
Producer: Shehzad Afzal
Director/Writer/Editor: Shehzad Afzal
DoP: Garry Torrance
Composer: Shaahan Afzal
Status: Post-Production

Cast (in alphabetical forename order)

Crew (in alphabetical forename order)

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The film follows one night of security guard Alastair's shift at a run down hotel bar and adjacent car park facilities. The ensuing night brings forth an eclectic mix of characters from druggies, dealers and hookers to a bizarre hustler gang and an Internet webcam hostess. A crossroads where relationships begin to crack at the seams, truths are uncovered and loyalties are tested. With his past coming to the fore, Alastair has to keep his wits, patience and his nerve to survive the night.

Director Statement

The seeds of inspiration were already sowed upon completing my masters dissertation in 2009, which looked at developing scripts and feature films using more pro-active means. This led me to further consolidate my research which I had undertaken at Screen Academy Scotland, Edinburgh.

Fittingly I had a feature film idea which would be a suitable candidate which would allow me to prove and proof my research and methods. Pendulum Drift, a feature film which contained the right ingredients for such a venture would provide the backdrop for such an undertaking.

Shot in April 2010 near Glasgow, Scotland, Pendulum Drift represents my debut feature film and is currently in post-production. The nature of the methodolgy used to derive the material has led to a pro-longed ingestation period. In the edit suite, cajoling and wrestling with every frame has been a revelation. There is plenty still to get to grips with, but as I make steady progress in the edit suite, the film narrative continues to give fresh perspectives as it reveals itself to me. I've made numerous sacrifices, too many to be named, many of them painful, all of them inescapable. To get to the evident truth the worn path had to be retreaded, emerging from darkness to enlightment.

There is no doubt that the fabric of Scotland resides deep within the confines of this stark film. The stellar cast and talented crew all played their crucial parts in the production, bringing to life complex kaledoscopic characters and their stories colliding, each with beating hearts and angsts in the cold of the night.

Sometimes life imitates art, and maybe art imitates life. Whatever the case, Pendulum Drift has become both my life and my art.

Surely as the pendulum drifts the characters have developed a symbiotic relevance. I'm truly excited by their existentialism.

Although there is plenty of hard work still ahead of me, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a film festival release sometime in 2016/17 so I can share the experience with you.