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Bo Kata Digital

Android Application: Mobile/Tablet App
Application Producer: Shehzad Afzal
Designer: Shehzad Afzal
Artwork: Shehzad Afzal
Main Menu Composer: Shehzad Afzal
Developer: HillToon Originals 68
Status: Complete
Still from Bo Kata
Still from Bo Kata Digital Android App


Bo Kata Digital is an Android Application for mobile and tablet devices, allowing the viewing of the Bo Kata documentary film. It also has some extra information aorund the making of the film and other anecdotes.

Producer Statement:

The main objective of the application was delivering an easy to navigate and appealing to the eye user interface, allowing the documentary, Bo Kata, to be viewed easily and comfortably. Developing a crafted graphical user interface which was easy to use and at the same time beautiful to look at and intricate was a real challenge. Other elements such as anecdotal information supplimental to the film, also needed to be designed and implemented to allow the user to information with simply screen gestures. The main menu musical compositional was kept in-line with the feel of the film, allowing for an atmospheric vibe all round. Bo Kata Digital has been a real labour of love, which has taken many months to hand craft the artwork and design elements, an experience that is befitting the original theatrical release of BO KATA back in February 2007.

The application can be downloaded from the Amazon App Store located on your Android device (it may need to be installed if it does not exist on your device). Alternatively click on the Icon below to take you to the Amazon App Store online and follow the instructions on how to download Bo Kata Digital.

Bo Kata Digital Image Bo Kata Digital Image Bo Kata Digital Image Bo Kata Digital Image

Bo Kata


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