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Pendulum Drift

A nightshift security guard has to use his wits, patience and find his nerve if he is to survive the cold night, when confronted by a kaleidoscope of characters.

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Still from Pendulum Drift


Siblings are untied after a prolonged period of separation, however when their mother commits suicide, a cafe in Paris allows both of them to revisit their past.

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Still from Vanille

Down The Rabbit Hole

A young girl is willing to make a painful sacrifice in order to help her lover escape a jail sentence, but the decisions she faces will forever change her views on love and life.

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Still from Down The Rabbit Hole

Bo Kata

Depicting uniquely the rooftop kite flyers of Lahore, Pakistan, under threat from a complete ban, after a series of tragic fatalities from illegal chemically coated strings.

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Still from Bo Kata

The Full 10 Yards

Jimmy Doyle, a 60 something set in his ways character, a football evangelist, a street philosopher, holds you hostage with his special brand of opinions and doctrines.

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Still from The Full 10 Yards